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Everyone who has H.I.V. should immediately be put on antiretroviral triple therapy and everyone at risk of becoming infected should be offered protective doses of similar drugs.
ACT has partnered on a new website to help reduce smoking rates among people living with HIV. Visit the site for resources, videos and stories from current and former smokers.
New reports of a sharp increase in overdose deaths in the city over the last decade.
The Sero Project recently published a single-issue magazine for people living with HIV and/or Hepatitis who are incarcerated.
A new national resource strives to educate gay, bi and queer men about rising rates of Hepatitis C being transmitted through sex. It offers a complete look at how Hep C is passed on and how to reduce the risk of transmission.
Gilead, the manufacterer of Truvada, has applied to Health Canada for approval to use the drug for PrEP.
World Health Day marks a time to reflect on the many public health challenges to be addressed around the globe, such as the 35 million people living with HIV and AIDS. It's also a call to address such issues closer to home. In Canada, we can lead the way forward towards ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic, but a federal level commitment is sorely lacking.